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Two Ways
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If you have previously been tested for learning disabilites and have records and reports of this testing:
  1. You bring current* LD testing records and reports to the LD office (A-2).

  2. We look at your records and update your file.

  3. If needed, you receive temporary accommodations and referrals to other services.

  4. An LD Specialist meets with you to discuss your previous test reports and updates.

  5. If you meet the college evaluation guidelines, your learning disability accommodations are explained: if not we refer you to other services/classes.

  6. You will learn more about learning disabilities, self-advocacy and LD management skills.

*Current is "within the last 3 years at the adult level".

If you have not been tested for learning disabilites:

  1. You think you have a learning disability, but you don't have current testing records.

  2. You come to A-2 and find out about LD testing.

  3. You get information about the Learning (dis)Abilities Program at SCC and referrals to other services, if needed.

  4. (Priority 1) Students with 9 units or more are screened for signs of a learning disability. (Proirity 2) Students with 8 units are screened. (Priority 3) Students not enrolled who are transitioning from high school are screened. Then you meet with an LD Specialist who makes recommendations.

  5. If recommended you will get a complete evaluation and learn about learning disabilities, accommodations, self-advocacy, and LD management skills.

  6. After the assessment, we review the completed test results with you. If you meet the college eligibility guidelines, we will explain your accommodations. If not we refer you to other services/classes.

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