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A learning disability is a disorder which affects the information processing systems of individuals with average or above average intelligence. This inference may affect intake, retention, retrieval, or expression of information.

The California Community College system defines learning disabilities according to the Title V regulations of the State Education Code and State and Federal legislative guidelines:

"A persistent condition of presumed neurological dysfunction, which may also exist with other disabling conditions. This dysfunction continues despite instruction in standard classroom situations."

Program Services
  • Evaluation and documentation of eligibility for learning disabilities services.
  • Identification of student's learning styles.
  • Alternative instructional strategies and techniques.
  • Test-taking facilitation.
  • Academic adjustment recommendations.
  • Computer-assisted instructional aids and programs.
  • Student educational planning sessions.
  • Priority registration.
  • Books on tape information and assistance.
  • Liaison with campus and community services.
  • Mentor student tutor services.

Program Goals
  • To support students with learning disabilities in reaching their academic and vocational goals.
  • To assist students with learning disabilities in strengthening and developing their skills and abilities.
  • To provide opportunities that help maximize the potential of every student.

Evaluation Process
Sacramento City College uses the six-step evaluation process established by the California Community College system:
  1. Intake Screening.
  2. Measured Achievement.
  3. Ability Level.
  4. Processing Deficit.
  5. Aptitude-Achievement Discrepancy.
  6. Eligibility Recommendation.

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