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Astronomy Programs for Area Schools Available from SCC

(Please note that all programs are FREE!)



Observatory Viewing

SCC Astronomy Coordinator & the Observatory main telescope

(Image courtesy of Forrest Newman)


The SCC observatory is open the first Friday of the month (excepting January, and June – August) to the general public.  Admission is FREE and open to all excepting very young children.  Special viewings for classes are often arranged. 


Classroom Universe

Isaac Newton's grammer school in Woolsthorpe



The SCC Astronomy Coordinator has several astronomy presentations that can be done in your classroom.  They are both interesting and topical for science classes, covering such subjects as:


          · The sky visible from Sacramento

          · Space exploration

          · What are the planets made of?

          · Are UFOs really alien spaceships?

          · What is a star?

          · What is a black hole?


    Requested topics can also be done.  Again, please note that this is a FREE service.



Combination Programs

Students can come to SCC for a presentation, then look through the main telescope (weather permitting) at the SCC Observatory.  Even with the lights of nearby downtown, deep sky objects such as nebulas and galaxies can often be seen as well as the planets (which are usually pretty bright).  This is also a FREE service of Sacramento City College.



For more information…

Contact Liam McDaid, the SCC Astronomy Coordinator (916) 558-2005.  PLEASE NOTE - If you leave a voice message, leave contact information BESIDES  your school's phone number.



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