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Contact information for our faculty and staff can be found here. Follow the links to pictures of our faculty or to their web sites.

Marisa Alviar-Agnew
Constantino Aznar

Dan Bender (pic)
Charlie Bennett (pic)
Dianne Bennett (pic) (web site)
Dena Chubbic

Dylan Clark (pic)
Varnell Crankfield(pic)
Jim Collins (pic)
Ling Huang
Maggie Isbell (pic)
Stephen Imai
Jenny Jensen
Ahmed Mehadi
Bill Miller (pic)
Sharmila Mukherjee
Malekeh Nasiri (pic)
Fatemeh Niyati
Linda Nuss (pic) (web site)
David Paquette (emeritus) (pic)
Susan Roper (pic) (web site)
Ruth Sime (emeritus) (pic) (web site)
Paul Steed (emeritus) (pic)
Andreas Toupadakis
Veronica Wheaton
Bruce Zenner (pic)