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Information for Employers

Internships give employers the opportunity to......

Perform special projects

Accomplish tasks which will free higher paid professionals for more advanced work

  • Integrate ambitious students into your organization through a structured, centralized process
  • Recruit, train, and evaluate future professional and semi-professional employees
  • Expose students to existing organizational practices and procedures
  • Promote closer ties between your organization, the college and the community.

How Co-op Works
The Co-op Internship Program is designed  for the student who has decided on a major, has taken classes in his or her major, and is ready for on-the-job training.

Through an extensive network of employers, including  major corporations, government, private sector and non-profit agencies, the internship program matches student with part time internships, both paid and non-paid, in their chosen field.

Student are pre-screened and referred to employers for interviews.  Selected students are required to enroll in one to four unit of work experience. An instructor is assigned to visit the student on the job, review the student's goals and objectives, and serve as a resource throughout the semester.

All students are formally evaluated by their employers at the end of each semester. A letter grade is earned based upon the instructor's and employer's evaluation.

Participating Majors at SCC

Partial list of Participating Employers

  • CalTrans
  • California State Attorney
  • Elk Grove Fire Department
  • Ford Motor Corporation
  • KXT---Channel 40
  • Los Rios Community College District
  • Public Employees Retirement System
  • Sacramento Police Department
  • Sutter Hospitals
  • U.S Bureau of Land Management
  • U.S Geological Survey

How to Hire an Intern

  1. Call the Intern Coordinator at the participating college.
  2. An Employer Request Form will be mailed to you or the job information can be taken over the phone.
  3. The Coordinator will advertise your position to faculty and students.
  4. Students will be PRE-screened by coordinator and/or instructor.
  5. Students will be referred to you for an interview.
  6. You select the best student to fit your needs.
  7. The student enrolls in 1-4 units and attends a weekly coordinating class.

What Next...
After you select a student,and establish a work schedule, you will be asked to assist the student to establish specific  learning objectives--tasks that can be accomplished at the work site by the end of the semester. You will also be requested to evaluate the student's performance at the end of the semester.While the students are interning they will be attending a weekly coordinating class that assists them in developing work force skills.
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