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Cooperative Work Experience Education
 is a program in which students apply what they have learned in the classroom to their job or internship. Eligible students may earn  college credits. We offer two major services to the students of Sacramento City College: Work experience classes and internship referral assistance.

Work Experience Classes
Eligible students can earn credits for a paid or volunteer job with on-the-job learning experiences. If you are working in a job related to your major, you may register for Vocational 98, Business 98, or Business 48. If your work is not related to your major, register for General Work Experience 97. Students may be eligible to repeat the work experience classes.

How It Works
The class helps students learn about the dynamics of the career  making process by setting and achieving goals at work. Students will also learn how to develop work habits to improve work performance. The class guides students through a set of procedures to develop job-related objectives. Supervisors will assist the students in setting objectives, completing performance evaluations and signing monthly time reports.

Paid Internships or Community Volunteer Work
Students interested in college credits for a specific major should register for Work Experience 48, or the work experience class related to their major. Contact the Work Experience Coordinator in the Cooperative Work Experience office of the student services building, or a work experience instructor, for details on how the class works in each specific department.

Credits Transferable to CSU
California State University (CSU) will accept eight units of work experience classes (Business 48) as electives when the student's work is related to their major.

Job Information & Internship Referral Assistance
To obtain job information and internship listings, visit the work experience job board in the Student Services Building Room 101 (map) or make an appointment to see the Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator. Completion of courses related to your major and researching career interest prepares students for a successful internship.
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