Nutrition Associate in Science Degree

Sacramento City College’s Family and Consumer Science Department offers a rigorous nutrition degree program that is broad enough to prepare the student for further study in a variety of nutrition areas including: nutrition science research, food science and technology, dietetics, industry and many other exciting nutrition related fields.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate independent learning and effective communication skills.
  • explain the principles of nutrition and its affects on health.
  • assess the various sources of nutrition information and demonstrate where to find reliable nutrition information.
  • analyze a diet for adequacy, balance and moderation.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between chemistry, biology and nutrition.

Required Program Units
  • NUTRI 300 Nutrition (3)
  • or FCS 340 Nutrition (3)
  • or NUTRI 480 Nutrition Honors (3)
  • or FCS 480 Nutrition Honors (3)
  • CHEM 400 General Chemistry (5)
  • or CHEM 305 Introduction to Chemistry (5)
  • STAT 300 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (4)
  • or STAT 480 Introduction to Probability and Statistics - Honors (4)
Subtotal Units 12

Plus either the CSU path or the UC path:

The required program plus one of the transfer paths is required for an associate degree. Note that the transfer programs share the same required program course work. A transfer is not required to get an A.S. degree in Nutrition at Sacramento City College.

Suggested Electives
FCS 342 or NUTRI 310; FCS 346 or ECE 415 or NUTRI 320


Published on June 13th, 2012