Welcome to the Nutrition and Foods Program at Sacramento City College, a division of the Family and Consumer Science Department. We invite you to explore our course programs, teaching offerings and career opportunities.

Through education, innovation, and community service, our courses focus on understanding key issues affecting individuals, families and communities. These include: Nutrition Education for Early Childhood Educators; Nutrition for Physical Performance; Cultural Foods of the World; Children’s Health, Safety and Nutrition; Food Theory and Preparation; Experimental Offering in Nutrition and Foods.

nu·tri·tion  {n(y)o͞oˈtriSHən}
the study of how food affects human health, susceptibility to disease, and longevity.

Nutrition and the Foods that we eat have always been at the core of maintaining good personal health. The latest scientific studies reenforce this idea. This is an exciting time to study Nutrition and Foods!

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New Students

Our Nutrition and Foods program is science based and offers practical applications and career opportunities in fields, such as: dietetics, nursing,dental hygene, physical therapy, kinesiology, fitness, and medicine.

Current Students

Many students pursuing coursework in the health fields have already completed many of the requirements for a AA degree from Nutrition and Foods. Schedule an appointment with a counselor today!


Published on June 13th, 2012