SC2 mαth lαb Syllabus

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Rodda South Room #162. Open Monday-Saturday

Michelle Gitonga
Nina Sholomytska

Instructional Assistants


Cary Martensen


Gegham Melkonyan,
Tina Tuaeva

Instructional Assistants


The Sacramento City College Math Lab

is a tutoring center for SCC students who want to learn about math and related subjects. In the lab, students learn ways to explore, discuss and solve problems.

The lab is open to all students who are enrolled in at least 1 unit at SCC and have math-related questions, but its main purpose is to assist students who are enrolled in math and related courses at SCC*. The lab offers a comfortable, informal setting with textbooks, solutions manuals, lecture series and computers to view lectures and access popular math and related websites and software. Student clerks are present to welcome students to the lab, assist with the enrollment process and check-out of lab library resources. Student tutors circulate throughout the lab assisting students with their math-related studies. The Coordinators and Instructional Assistants also assist students as needed. At this time, 1-1 tutoring is not available.

Students must enroll in the lab to access its services. Enrollment is free and does not appear on SCC transcripts.**

Math Lab Hours

Open.... January 18, 2014 to end of finals May 21, 2014

Math Lab Policies

Clock-in & out   In order to insure the Lab’s funding, students are asked to clock-in when they arrive at the Lab and clock-out when they leave.

Study Hall Rules Apply  Quiet voices, silent phone settings, low volume iPod/MP3 settings

Math Lab Resources Available for Check-Out  A current Los Rios ‘Student Access Card’, California Driver’s License, or California DMV ID is required for check-out of Lab materials.

(In general, Lab materials such as books, media and calculators, stay in the Lab at all times.  However, students may take Lab calculators to a class when needed and select media is available for home use.  Please see over for additional information on items available for check-out.)

Computers  are available for lab and math-related topics only

Drinks - but no Snacks   drinks in covered containers are ok at tables away from the computers
Please Address Concerns  to one of the instructional assistants on duty.

*Math related classes include all SCC math classes, as well as business math, chemistry, physics, statistics, electronic technology, mechanical-electrical technology, and nursing classes, particularly those addressing the topic of drug dosage.  Students enrolled in at least 1 SCC unit who are concurrently enrolled in a math-related course at any of her sister colleges, or who are pursuing math-related knowledge outside of the classroom may also take advantage of the services provided in the Math Lab.  Students enrolled in math-related courses off the SCC campus must be referred by their math-related course instructor.  Students pursuing math-related knowledge outside of the classroom must be referred by a Math Lab Coordinator.

** Enrolling in the Math Lab is equivalent to enrolling in the appropriate section of Human Services 1000 – Supervised Tutoring, a zero unit course offering, with no prerequisite, but with an enrollment limitation to students enrolled in a college credit course, and referred by an instructor or counselor, as stated in the SCC Fall 2007 online Schedule of Classes.  Enrollment in SCC Human Services courses does not appear on SCC transcripts.