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Resources in the Math Lab library include textbooks, solutions manuals, lecture videos, a variety of math/stat handouts, and calculators.  Most of the lab’s library resources are available for use in the lab only.


For easy access to resources, make requests at the Clerk Desk, have your student access card available, know the course, author and edition number of the relevant textbook, and know your instructor’s name.

Below is the list of resources including the Lab check-out policy.


Lab Resources for using in the Lab

   Textbooks for current courses math and related topics (chemistry, physics, statistics, …)

   Student Solutions Manuals for most textbooks

   Instructor Solutions Manuals, on a limited basis for Math textbooks

   Video Lectures for several math and stat textbooks

   Calculators, headphones and a modest variety of math/stat handouts and graph paper

   Computers are available for using interactive sites, various freeware and viewing lectures online

   Limited printing of math-related documents (5 page max per day)

Ø A current student ID card and enrollment in the Math Lab are required


Lab Resources for using outside the Lab

   Calculators for use in SCC classrooms

   Video Lectures for several old-edition math and stat books, for use at home

Ø A current student ID card, and a signed Math Lab contacts  card are required


Popular & Free Websites for use in the Lab or out

   Problems to practice and sharpen skills!

* InteractMath…a large selection of math/stat practice problems

* TuxMath…an amusing game involving arithmetic facts


   Lectures to Hear and View  …preview/review ideas, theory and techniques

* Khan Academy ...for Chemistry, Math and Physics

* iTunes U …for lectures from universities

iTunes U …app