Students Obtaining Success
Resource Manual

Business Tutoring Center
Business Building
The Business Tutoring Center provides tutoring services for Accounting, Business, and Economics classes, Rm B224. Tutoring is also available for all Computer Information Science classes, Rm B151. Students do not need to sign up in advance; all tutoring services are provided on a drop-in basis for students who are enrolled in those courses.

Communication Training Laboratory
Communication Department, Fine Arts 10
The Communication Training Laboratory provides assistance to students taking communication classes (public speaking, group communication, etc.).
Mon., Tue., & Thur. 1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.
Wed. & Fri. 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.

Counseling Services
Rodda North 147
Professional counselors are available to help students assess their talents and interests and assist students in dealing with the stresses they may be undergoing and to help them determine courses of action. Counseling Services provide the following services to all students:

  • educational planning
  • career counseling
  • personal counseling
  • personality, career, and skills assessement interpretation
  • transfer information
  • crisis counseling

Early Assistance Program
Matriculation SG 226
The Early Assistance Program is designed to provide students with extra assistance in their courses in order to succeed. Between the efforts of faculty and counseling, students who are experiencing difficulty in their classes are contacted and assisted early in the semester. Assistance may include workshops on classroom success, information on campus services, an appointment with a counselor, student skills assistance, or tutoring in a specific subject area. All students are welcome to participate in the services.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)
Rodda North 177
The EOPS Program is designed to provide opportunities and support services in higher education for economically and educationally disadvantaged students. Applications are available two times a year - April for the fall semester and September for the spring semester. To be eligible for EOPS, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be a California resident
  • be enrolled in 12 or more units when accepted by EOPS
  • qualify to receive a Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW, Method A or B)
  • must not have completed more than seventy (70) units of college level course work
  • be educationally disadvantaged (one of the following must apply):
    • did not graduate from high school or obtain a GED
    • graduated from high school with less than a 2.5 grade point average
    • did not qualify for minimum level math, English, or English as a Second Language (courses required for an associate degree at SCC)

ESL Center
Rodda South 328
The ESL Center supports the language development of non-native speakers of English. The Center offers an opportunity to work with ESL instructors and tutors on a self-paced study plan utilizing an extensive collection of books, listening tapes, video tapes, and computer programs. Students may use the Center by registering for ESL 91, a half-unit, two-hour-per-week, full-semester lab class. Registration is open through the end of the 12th week to students eligible for the 40-level ESL classes (by placement testing or by completion of the 30-level classes).

Human Career Development Classes
College Success
Counseling Center, Rodda North 147

Learning Assistance and Tutorial Program
Learning Resource Center (LRC), Room 144
The Learning Assistance and Tutorial Program provides individual students with learning skills resources and tutorial assistance designed to meet their academic needs. Learning Assistance offers basic skills and study skills courses as well as multi-media and print study skills resources covering a variety of study strategies. The Tutorial Program offers one-on-one , small group, drop-in, and Beacon collaborative group tutoring in various subjects, depending on the availability of qualified peer tutors.

Learning Resource Center
Instructional Media 558-2192
Library 558-2461
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) houses the Library and the media collection of the SCC Library. Media collections are located on the first floor in the LRC 144. Services include videotapes, audiotapes, computer software and CD-ROMs.

The Library is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Students can meet with a librarian for assistance with assignments and projects, access the Internet and other electronic resources, meet with other students for group study, and check out books. The reserve collection is located on the second floor at the Circulation/Reserve Desk.

Math Lab
Rodda South 162
The SCC Math Lab is a resource available for drop-in tutoring in math for any student who is enrolled in math or math related courses at SCC. Textbooks, student solutions, manuals, and videos in the lab's library are available to students who provide adequate ID. Students must complete the sign-up procedure before using the Math Lab. Check with the lab for days and times.

Rodda Hall South 122
MESA/C3P is designed to provide academic support services to educationally disadvantaged community college students in math, engineering, science, and computer science so they can transfer to four-year institutions and successfully attain math-based degrees. Some of the services provided to students are tutoring, course clustering, study groups, extended faculty support, and inter-change with four-year college or university MESA students.

Reading Department
Language & Literature Division
Rodda South 258
Sacramento City College Reading Department offers four levels of reading classes. Instructors teach students to develop their skills for understanding and remembering college level reading materials. In addition, the department offers an individualized reading lab. In the lab, instructors diagnose areas of student need and prescribe individualized, self-paced instruction for all reading skills. Students are recommended into the reading skill classes on the basis of college assessment test and other measures of academic reading performance.

Writing Lab
Rodda South 330
This open access, open entry lab is designed to provide assistance in reading and writing skills to students in all subject areas. Enter any time during the first twelve (12) weeks of the semester and earn up to pne (1) unit of credit. Individual tutors and instructor assistance is available. Students enroll in Human Services 1000 and drop in for the hours you need help; or enroll in ENGLB 54 for .5 unit - you must spend 27 hour in the lab.

Child Care
CalWORKs Child Action Incorporated
Child Development Center Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)

Student Services Building
CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibilty to Kids) is a state funded welfare to work program designed to help individuals on public assistance to become self-sufficient. Anyone receiving TANF (Temporary Aid for Needy Families), formerly known as AFDC, is eligible for service. An array of support services are available including: career planning, child care information and assistance, job search assistance, and on/off campus work-study jobs. CalWORKs work study may be available, please contact the program for more information.

Child Action Incorporated
9961 Horn Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
369-0191; Fax 369-0318

Berneice L. Clayton Child Development Center
Sacramento City College operates two child development programs:

  • a Preschool Program (for ages 3 to 5years; must be toilet trained)
  • an Infant/Toddler Program (for ages 6 to 36 months)

Enrollment is restricted to children of Sacramento City College students with first priority given to low-income parents. Enrollment is limited and waiting lists are normal for both programs. Enrollment in the ECE 100 (1 unit) Early Childhood Education Parenting Class is encouraged for the Preschool Program of child care. In the Infant/Toddler Program, parents are encouraged to enroll in Early Childhood Education 106 (1 unit) which consists of assisting in the program as a parent participant for three hours per week, and enrolling in the Infant/Toddler ECE 102 (1 unit) Early Childhood Education parenting class. All parents enrolled in either program must have a tuberculosis and live scan clearance. The minimum child care is in four-hour time blocks. There is no "drop-in" care.

Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)
Rodda North 177
The Care Program is designed to assist EOPS students who:

  • will be enrolled full-time (12 or more units)
  • are at least 18 years old, single head of household
  • are currently receiving CalWORKs/TANF/AFDC
  • will apply for and are determined eligible for financial aid
  • will pursue an educational, vocational, or job training program which leads to a certificate, degree, or transfer objective

CARE students will receive support services such as counseling, workshops, and networking activities specifically designed for single parents. In addition, CARE grants for child care, transportation, books and supplies will be provided to assist students. The CARE program is not a child care service. However, CARE can provide information on available child care services.

Cultural Inclusion
Cultural Awareness Center International Student Center
Puente Project Student Leadership & Development

Cultural Awareness Center
Student Center, East Hall
The Center's goal is to advance intercultural understanding and education through programs and activities that reflect the diversity of Sacramento City College students, faculty and staff, as well as the community in which we live.

The Cultural Awareness Center sponsors educational and intercultural programs that benefit SCC's diverse student population and the Sacramento community. The programs sponsored by the Center will include speakers, films, community forums, book reviews and diversity workshops that are designed to promote advocacy, inquiry and inclusion.

International Student Center
Counseling Center, Rodda North 118
The International Student Center (I-Center), International Coordinator-Counselor and staff assists new and currently enrolled F-1/F-2 admitted students who have been SEVIS authorized to attend SCC. Other visa categories are directed to the SCC Admissions & Records Office. F-1s must complete a total of 12 units every semester, summer school optional, to comply with mandatory U.S. SEVIS Resource Federal laws. It is the student's self-responsibility to keep updated with the latest SEVIS laws and visa travel updates at:

International students unfamiliar with the American educational system are encouraged to come during operational hours to discuss academic student educational planners, career exploration, immigration options, and personal problems with confidentiality.

Students experiencing academic difficulties (such as D, F, or thinking about dropping with a "W" grade) are advised to talk to instructors, seek tutorial services, and quickly see Susan Fong, Coordinator-Counselor. In addition, counselors are available at the main Counseling Office counter for student educational planners. Remember, Withdrawals or "W's" do not count towards the 12 full-time units as required by SEVIS immigration laws.

The I-Center provides academic counseling, personal advising and F-1/F-2 immigration questions. You can make an appointment by coming to the I-Center counter or during walk-in times. If you prefer, you can meet with an SCC Counselor to reach your graduation or transfer goals. Students are encouraged seek assistance on:

  • Student Educational Planner + immigration advising options
  • Mandatory reporting within 10 days upon arrival to the U.S. for new/travel re-entries
  • Clearance for release HOLDS with SCC F-1 Health & Medical or comparable proof with dates of coverage
  • Notify within 10 days of moving new address at SCC Admissions
  • Notify within 10 days of moving new address at I-Center
  • Non-immigrants subject to "Special Registration" procedures & address changes
  • Social Security Letter verification for on campus student-help job (not to exceed 20 hours per week while college is in session)
  • SCC authorization signature for travel I-20s request need to be made more than 2 weeks ahead of time for office/SEVIS processing
  • Optional Practical Training application mail in process (potential AA/AS/Certificate) limited to 90 days before last day of graduating term
  • Immediately seek counseling and immigration options when taking less than 12 units

Project RISE
Keith Muraki
Administration of Justice Bldg. 5A & Counseling Center
The RISE Program offers support services to help probationary students get back on track. RISE provides one-on-one personalized counseling, tutoring in Mathematics and English, college visitations to four-year universities and peer mentoring to assist SCC students in overcoming the barriers they face.

Puente Project
Counseling Center
Rodda North 147, 558-2320
Rodda South 234, 558-2658
The Puente Project is an academic and community leadership program linking English, counseling, and mentoring. Historically, developed to increase retention and transfer rates of Latino and Mexican-American students, Puente is open to all students. In the fall, students enroll in ENGWR 100; in the spring, students continue into ENGWR 300. The English Writing classes focus on Chicano/Latino culture and literature. Concurrently, students enroll in the one-unit Human Career Development class. The counselor/instructor team is trained throughout the year by the Puente Project. Community and business leaders and professionals volunteer their time to mentor students on an individual basis. The Puente Project is now in 38 community colleges and 38 high schools statewide and is administered through the University of California, Office of the President.

Student Leadership and Development
South Gym 226
Student Leadership and Development works with students in all facets of campus life in order to enhance the collegiate experience. Students learn in leadership-based classes, workshops, and other developmental outlets. In addition, students can apply principles and skills learned in the classroom to real-life experiences through participation in clubs, student government, special events, and other opportunities made available through Student Development.

Going to school is more than just attending classes. Getting involved in campus activities, such as becoming a member of a club, government or being elected as an Associate Student Government member, enriches your education and adds to the fun you experience at Sacramento City College.

Department of Rehabilitation Disability Resource Center
Learning (dis) Abilities Program State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Department of Rehabilitation District Office
General Information - 263-7311

Disability Resource Center
Student Services Building
558-2087 (voice), 558-2693 (TTY)
The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides educational opportunities and access to students with documented physical, communication and psychological disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and developmentally delayed learning. There are no additional costs to students who receive DRC services. To be eligible for this program, students with disabilities must:

  • apply for services
  • submit professional verifications of their disabling condition
  • make measurable progress toward their educational goals

Students with disabilities have the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations. These include:

  • academic advising
  • priority registration/registration assistance
  • disability management counseling
  • adaptive computer tech assessment/access
  • note-taker services
  • alternate format materials (i.e., Braille, enlarged print)
  • reader services
  • liaison with campus and/or community resources
  • interpreter services
  • mobility assistance
  • test-taking accommodations
  • adapted physical education

Learning (dis) Abilities Program
Auditorium Bldg, A2
558-2283 & 558-2665
The Learning (dis) Abilities Program at SCC exists to provide equal academic access for students with identified Specific Learning (dis) Abilities (SLD). The goal of this campus instructional resource program is to enhance the success of the student with SLD in the most integrated and independent manner. Areas of program assistance are:

  • evaluate eligibility for SLD services (bring current documentation to Rm. A2)
  • offer special assessment and self-advocacy class instruction (enroll in HCD 201)
  • identify the student's preferred learning and work styles
  • offer special class instruction using alternative strategies/techniques for English (HCD 265), Math (HCD 202), and study skills
  • recommend and facilitate test-taking accommodations
  • determine academic adjustments and educational plans
  • provide information on computer-assistive devices and Books on Tape
  • act as liaison with other campus programs, faculty, staff, as well as related community agencies

State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
2225 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Equity Officer/Dean of Instruction

Dean of Instruction
Equity Officer
Rodda North 257
Students who believe that they are the object of discrimination on campus are urged to contact the Dean of Instruction, Equity Officer Office with their concerns.

CalWORKs Career Planing
Cooperative Work Experience
Education and Internship Program
Job Services
Sacramento Employment & Training Agency(SETA) Work Ability III

Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship Program
Counseling Center, Rodda North 115
List of Internships
The Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship Program is a program where students apply what they have learned in the classroom to their job or internship. Eligible students may earn 1-4 college credits for their current job or volunteer position. To sign up for the newest internships by email, send an email to and put "Subscribe" in the Subject Line.

Job Services
Counseling Center, Rodda North 147
Student employment services are coordinated through the Job Services Office located in the One-Stop Center. The office provides on-campus job services and maintains job listings and referrals for off-campus employers directly. Job announcements and descriptions are posted on the job board on the first floor of Rodda North outside Counseling Services. Additional job listings are available for viewing in job binders in the One-Stop Center. Assistance is available for resumes, interview skills and job search strategies.

Career Planning
Counseling Center, Rodda North 147
Career Services provides information and support services for students interested in identifying and planning their careers. Written and computerized assessments are available to evaluate abilities, interests, skills, and values. Books, computer programs, handouts, and Internet access are available for those interested in researching their chosen careers. Workshops are offered on a monthly basis throughout the school year on the following topics: Resume Writing, Interview Practice and Techniques, Information Interviewing, Job Search, Skills and Values Identification, and Career Center Orientation. Career Services staff members are available to work with groups and individuals using the various resources in the Center. Services and resources are available and accessible to students and to the general public. There is an annual career fair at the end of the Spring semester. More than 100 employers attend, providing students with the opportunity to pursue current employment, internships, and informational interviews.

Sacramento Employment & Training Agency (SETA)
925 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815

WorkAbility III
Student Services Building

Financial Issues
Cooperative Agency Resources for Education (CARE) EOPS
Financial Aid Office InfoLine Sacramento
Job Services/Career Plannning Online Courses
Outreach Centers Sacramento Food Bank

Financial Aid Office
Rodda North 167
The Financial Aid Office administers many types of assistance including grants, work-study and loans. These programs are available to eligible students to help meet their educational expenses. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing the free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to the FAFSA, California residents can apply for a Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver. Applications and information are available in the Financial Aid Office.

InfoLine Sacramento
Neighborhood Information Centers
Del Paso Heights, Downtown, Fruitridge, Galt, Meadowview and Rancho Cordova.
Call for hours and locations.
(916) 498-1000, TDD: (916) 446-1434
InfoLine Sacramento has access to more than 1,900 community services in the Sacramento area including:

  • Housing Information
  • Food Programs
  • Senior Programs
  • Children's Services
  • Health Care
  • Financial Assistance
  • Employment and Training

Outreach Centers
Students may be able to eliminate long commutes and awkward scheduling between work and school by taking credit classes offered at one or all of the several Outreach centers. Registration, counseling, assessment, and textbook sales are available at each location. The off-campus locations include:

  • Davis - Classes are held days and evenings at the Davis Center and at Olson Hall on the UC Davis campus. For information call (530) 753-4114.
  • Downtown - Classes are held days and evenings at the Downtown Center in Sacramento and at other downtown locations. For more information call 558-2640.
  • West Sacramento - Classes are held days and evenings. For information call 375-5511.

Online Courses
Check class schedule from SCC, FLC, CRC, ARC for internet/online class offerings.

Sacramento Food Bank Services
(916) 456-1980

Director of College and Community Relations
Rodda North 222
In mid-November of each year, various scholarships are available to SCC students. The College and Community Relations Office has information online about various scholarships available to students and coordinates a scholarships reception honoring donors and scholarships winners each spring. The scholarship list and the application is available online. Students must have completed a minimum of 12 units at SCC to be eligible to apply.

Fair Employment and Housing Department
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Student Leadership & Development

Fair Employment and Housing Department

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Section 8 and Public Housing Information

Student Leadership and Development
South Gym 226
The Student Leadership and Development Office coordinates and maintains bulletin boards with housing information to assist students on locating suitable off-campus housing. The college assumes no responsibility for off-campus housing.

Personal Issues
Alcoholics Anonymous Campus Health Services
Counseling Services InfoLine Sacramento
Narcotics Anonymous National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Sacramento County Alcohol & Drug Bureau Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center
Sacramento Food Bank Services WEAVE

Alcoholics Anonymous

Campus Health Services
Counseling Center
Rodda North 147
The Health Office is open daily to provide health care, health counseling, emergency care for injuries, sudden illness, evaluation of health problems, and referrals to social services and medical facilities in the community. Two full-time Public Health Nurses administer vision, hearing, blood pressure screening, and maintain information on student health and dental insurance plans.

Narcotics Anonymous

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Bureau
4875 Broadway #114
Sacramento, CA 95820

Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center
24-hours Emergency - Children and Adults
2150 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Food Bank Services

WEAVE 24-hour Crisis Line

Prerequisites, Corequisites and Advisories
Challenge Process

Meeting Prerequisites
How can students meet the prerequisite requirements?

  • Take the prerequisite course; or
  • Go through the assessment process and place into target course, if the prerequisite is in English, reading, or math; or
  • Apply for prerequisite verification through a counselor, if the student has taken the
    requisite course at another institution or if the student has taken an Advanced Placement Test at his/her high school (not available for math).

Prerequisites Challenge Process
A student can challenge a prerequisite through the academic department by obtaining a Prerequisite Challenge Form if the student feels one of the following conditions exists:

  • Student has knowledge and ability to succeed in the course without the prerequisite. Student must demonstrate to the department faculty to their satisfaction that this is true.
  • Student believes the prerequisite is discriminatory or being applied in that manner. Student must demonstrate how this is true. Once you have completed the procedure, the faculty will review the challenge evidence. The student is informed in writing of the faculty's determination within five (5) days. The student may attend the challenged class during the five (5) days he/she is waiting for the determination.

Proper Progression
Assessment Center Counseling Services
Early Assistance Program Project RISE

Assessment Center
Student Services Building 121
Assessment is strongly recommended for any student who wishes to receive an A.S. or A.A. degree or transfer to a four-year institution. Matriculation is a process that assists students in achieving their educational goals. Through this process which includes Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling, students can plan their classes, thereby being assured of proper progression.

Emergency Procedures
Police Services

Emergency Procedures
Refer to the Emergency Procedures Manual posted throughout the campus.

Police Services
East Road & Library Road
The Campus Police Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. It provides police services, parking control, escort services, shuttle bus services for evening students and staff, assistance with vehicle emergencies, and lost and found property. Emergency telephones linked directly to the Campus Police Office are located at several sites on campus.

Schedule Conflicts
Counseling Services
New Student Information/Orientation Office
Outreach Centers

New Student Information/Orientation Office
Rodda North 138
This office offers new student orientations and provides new students information about application, registration, assessment, and counseling.

Sexual Harassment
Equity Officer/Dean of Instruction

Equity Officer
Dean of Instruction
Rodda North 257
Students who believe that they are the object of discrimination or sexual harassment on campus are urged to contact the Equity Officer in the Office of the Dean of Instruction with their concerns.

Time Management Skills
Counseling Services Human Career Development (HCD)
Learning (dis)Abilities Program MESA/C3P
ReEntry Services Tutotial Services/Learning Assistance
Note: Check One-Stop Center & Online Classes for Time Management Skills

ReEntry Services
Student Services Building
ReEntry Services, a starting point for the returning student, provides assistance with admission to college, as well as referrals to campus and community services. Appointments are available for academic, personal, and career counseling. The center also offers a College Success class, as well as support groups and workshops designed to help adults adjust to college.

Outreach Centers Parking & Transportation Student Leadership & Development

Parking and Transportation
Business Office, Rodda North 173 -558-2321
Regional Transit District -321-2877
The Business Office sells bus passes and campus parking permits. There are currently a number of bus routes that provide direct service to SCC students from many areas of the city. These routes also connect with transfers from other routes and the RT Metro light rail corridors. Bus schedules are available in Rodda North outside the counseling offices.

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs
Admissions & Records Office, Rodda North 159

Important Numbers
Prefix is 558 unless otherwise specified

Admission & Records 2351
Equity Officer/Dean of Instruction 2407
Alcoholics Anonymous 454-1100
Allied Health Division 2271
Assessment Testing 2541
Associated Student Government 2446
Behavioral & Social Sciences Division 2401
Business Division 2581
Business Office 2321
Bus Lines (Regional Transit) 321-2877
CalWORKs 2307
Campus Police 2365
CARE 2403
Career Planning 2331
Child Development Center - Infant/Toddler 2264
Child Development Center - Preschool 2542
Cooperative Work Experience Education and Internship Program 2383
College Store 2421
Counseling Center 2204
Cultural Awareness Center 2155
Davis Center (530) 747-5200
Deaf & Hard of Hearing (Voice/TTY) 2683
Department of Rehabilitation 263-7365
Disability Resource Center 2087
Downtown Center 2539
Early Assistance 2266
EOPS 2403
ESL - English as a Second Language 2324
ESL Lab 2324
Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS) 2324
Express (Student Newspaper) 2561/2562
Financial Aid 2501/2546
Healthlines: Sacramento Mental Health Clinic 875-1000
Health Services 2367
Housing (Student Development) 2381
Human Career Development 2674
Humanities & Fine Arts Division 2551
InfoLine Sacramento 498-1000
Instructional Media 2192/2362
Job Services 2332
Language & Literature Division 2325
Learning Assistance/Tutoring 2258
Learning Disabilities 2283/2545
Library Circulation/Reserve 2301
Library Fines 2301
Library Reference Desk 2461
Lost and Found 2365
Math Lab 2162
Mathematics/Statistics and Engineering Division 2202
MESA/C3P 2497
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse 922-9217
Narcotics Anonymous 658-1899
Orientation/New Student Information 2147/2148/2390
One-Stop Center 2331
Parking 2365
Partners 2266
Physical Education, Health, Athletics & Recreation 2425
Placement Center (Student Jobs) 2331
Project RISE 2437
Puente Project 2320/2658
ReEntry Services 2533
Regional Transit: Bus & Light Rail Info. 321-2877
Regional Transit Monthly Pass & Ticket Book 321-2849
Rideshare 1-800-266-6883
Sacramento County Alcohol & Drug Bureau 874-9754
Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center 875-1000
Sacramento Food Bank Services 1980
Scholarship 2197
Science and Allied Health Division 2271
Shuttle Service (Campus) 2365
State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation 322-8300
Student Leadership & Development/Clubs 2381
Technology Division 2491
Transcript Information 2351
Tutorial Services 2258
Veterans Affairs 2591
WEAVE 920-2952
West Sacramento Center 375-5511
WorkAbility III 2590
Writing Lab 2212

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