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The Internet and the Invisible or Deep Web

The Internet is becoming increasingly more important as a  source for legal information. 
However there are a few things to keep in mind:
Many of the free sources on the Internet contain material that only goes back as far as the early 1990's.
If you need historical research, you will probably need to go to a law library to access LEXIS.
Because much of the legal information on the web comes from specialized sources and databases, a normal search engine often will not retrieve the information you need to find.  Instead, you'll do better using one of the invisible or deep web resources to find legal information on the Internet:
Incy Wincy - 
Invisible -
Lycos Invisible Web Catalog -


Value Added Legal Information

The free sources on the Internet will not be annotated with value added information. You will need to go to a law library or access LEXIS or WestLaw if you need to use annotated resources. You may access either of these services on the Internet if you are willing to use your credit card to pay for each document you download.
WesDoc from WestLaw -
Lexis-Nexis by credit card -

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General Legal Sites

Fedlaw is a good general resource 
FindLaw is one of the most comprehensive legal sources on the Internet.
The Guide to Law Online from the Law Library of Congress is another good general resource. 
Hieros Gamos is another good general legal site. 
Internat Legal Research Group (old name LawRunner) is an excellent way to search the Internet for specific legal information. 
Jurist - The Legal Education Network is another excellent general legal portal. 
Look for the section of resources for librarians.
The Legal Information Institute is a good place to go to find specific resources as well as general information about the law.
Nolo Press is an excellent place to find basic legal information without the legalese.
State and Local Government on the Net is one of the best ways to find legal or government information at a more local level.  The California information is specifically at  Start here if you know what California resource you are looking for. Example: the California Code, CCR, the City of Sacramento.   

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You will be better off using a law library to locate legal forms.  But if you need to find something on the Internet you may want to try:
Findlaw's legal form section is one of the best places to start if you are looking for legal forms on the Internet.

Lawyer Locator is a good place to search for a lawyer - is another place to search for a lawyer. It also provides other legal information -

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Federal Sites

Thomas is by far the best site for Legislative information: BILLS, ACTS, & STATUTES
GPO Access -
This is another legislative source which includes hearings for legislation.  It also includes the house and senate reports which are the most important resource for determining the intent of a bill.
The Internet Law Library (ILL) at is another good source of legal information including: MISC.
U.S. Federal Laws - MISC.
U.S. Statutes - STATUTES
The Office of the Federal Register is the easiest way to access: ADMINISTRATIVE
The searchable U.S. Code CODES
Another searchable U.S. Code from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell  CODES
The U.S. Code Table of Popular Names from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell -


United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit



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California Sites California is a large website providing legal information.
You may sign up for a free trial but will need to subscribe and pay for continued access.
California Ballot Propositions from the Los Angeles County Law Library  BILLS, ACTS
California Ballot Propositions from Hastings Law Library
The California State Assembly BILLS, ACTS
The California State Senate BILLS, ACTS
The Official California Legislative Information site provides a variety of legislative information including: MISC
Statutes, Journals and Histories (1849 - early 1990's)   
The California Code of Regulations ADMINISTRATIVE
The California Courts CASE LAW

Opinions are specifically at this site:

California Supreme Court and Appellate Court Decisions Archive on
FindLaw (10/96 - Present)
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Sacramento Sites

City of Sacramento Home Page -  
 Sacramento City Codes -  
Sacramento County Home Page -  
Sacramento County Bar Association -  
Sacramento Superior Court -  
Sacramento County Public Law Library -  
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