Drop-In Orientation FAQs 

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WHAT is a Drop-in Orientation?

Itís a free, not-for credit, 50-minute library skills class offered on the 2nd floor of the library. Drop into the library and choose from several options:
Session A - take a brief tour; locate library books using LOIS; learn Inter-Library Loan
Session B - locate full-text magazine/journal/newspaper articles on the computer
ESL level A and B: Recommended for ESL students, but anyone may attend

Is there an ONLINE version I can take?

You can take the Section C online tutorial with your instructor's permission. The focus is on learning how to evaluate internet sites, using Subject Directories, effective use of search engines, and more. Access it here: http://wserver.scc.losrios.edu/~library/c-orientation/

DO I HAVE TO SIGN UP for the classes that are held in the library?

Yes! Look for the red 3-ring binder at the Library Reference Desk on the 2nd floor. There is a signup sheet for each day that a class is offered.

WHEN are the classes offered?

Hands-on classes take place in the LR220 classroom and are ongoing during the Fall and Spring semesters. You can take the online Section C at any time you choose.

Will there be a TEST??

A quiz will be distributed at the end of each session (A and B) that you can complete on your own time. Its' purpose is to reinforce what you learned in the session. The online Section C class also has an online quiz that you must take.

How will my teacher know if I took the class so that I can get CREDIT??

After you complete the quiz, turn it into any librarian at the Reference Desk. It will be checked for errors and you will be given a "Proof of Attendance" slip to show to your instructor. Follow the directions on the online tutorial for the Section C quiz.

Further Questions?

Contact the SCC Library Reference Desk at (916) 558-2461.