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Live Online Workshops, Fall 2011   

Can't come in for a library orientation? This semester the SCC Library will be holding live online workshops that you can access from your home computer. In the workshop, you will learn to:

You will connect to the session via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). If you are not comfortable using your browser, including installing browser plugins and managing multiple browser windows or tabs, this workshop is not for you!

NOTE: this session covers the same material as the in-person orientation "B" (Databases). If your professor has required you to attend a "B", this workshop may fulfill the requirement.

The workshop is 90 minutes long; the first 15 minutes will be spent getting students used to the online classroom so that they can actively participate in the session.

Participation Requirements

IMPORTANT: you must successfully complete all technical and set-up requirements below before registering.

Minimum Technical Requirements:

  1. Check Computer Requirements (pdf file). (This document is not entirely up-to-date. If you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, as well as Java, you should be fine.) Note that you cannot attend the workshop using an iPad or similar mobile device.
  2. Internet connection speed: broadband (cable or DSL or better; note that using shared wi-fi, such as at a café or library, may not be fast enough)
  3. Listening options:
    • computer speakers
    • or headphones (microphone optional) or headset
    • or telephone (toll-free number will be e-mailed to you)
  4. Talking options:
    • computer microphone or headset
    • or no talking (text-chat only): if you do not have a microphone or headset to speak into and can't access a phone, you can still take this workshop and communicate using text chat. If you type very slowly, this is not a good option.
    • or telephone (toll-free number will be e-mailed to you)


Click on the appropriate date to register for a session. *Registration closes 12 hours before the workshop begins*

The sessions are limited to 15 participants. Please register early!

If you encounter problems registering, please report them.

Connecting & Getting Credit

Students who successfully register will be enrolled in a no-credit course using the campus-provided Desire2Learn eLearning system. Following the workshop, students will complete a brief quiz showing that they understand how to use the databases. A librarian will notify professors via e-mail upon successful completion of the exercise.

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