Media Vendors 

In order to build a useful library media collection, I need your input. The websites listed below will help you locate media titles in your discipline. Please send me the title and vendor, as well as your name, department and telephone number ( or through campus mail). I'll notify you when the item arrives. As you view our current titles, if you find one that is out-dated, inaccurate, or might have a better home elsewhere, let me know. 

Please note we are required to purchase closed-captioned media only. If, when ordering, I find that one of your requests is not closed captioned, I'll work with you to locate a replacement that is.

Nicole Woolley

Media Librarian
ext. 2509

Ambrose Video
Distributes quality documentaries and educational videos. Website contains over 1,000 titles that feature award-winning materials, in social studies, literature and the sciences.

Bullfrog Films
Over the last 28 years, Bullfrog Films has become the leading US publisher of independently-produced, environmental videos, that point the way to living healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet, and for our descendants. 

California Newsreel
California Newsreel distributes documentaries covering national and international issues. It is a leading resource center for the study of race and diversity, African American life and history, and African feature films and documentaries.

Cambridge Educational
Distributes videos in the areas of: Career Preparation, Job Search, Guidance, Family/Consumer Science, Vocational/Technical, Health, At-Risk Issues, Social Studies, and Science.

Fanlight Productions
Fanlight Productions has been distributing outstanding film and video works on health care, mental health, disabilities, gerontology, ethics, the workplace, family issues & gender for over 20 years.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Films for the Humanities & Sciences provides educators with the finest in educational media. The editorial board chooses each program on the basis of the importance of its subject, the quality of its production, and its relevance as an instructional aid. 

Insight Media
Provides educational media on numerous subjects for college classroom use.

Library Video Company
Library Video Company distributes educational videos to libraries nationwide. The company stocks over 14,000 titles covering a diverse range of topics. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and library setting.

Media Education Foundation
The Media Education Foundation is a non-profit educational organization devoted to media research and production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy.

Movies Unlimited
Video specialists; website claims to contain all the titles that are currently available on video.

National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA)
NAATA's mission is to present stories that convey the richness and diversity of the Asian
American experience to the broadest audience possible. 

PBS is a private, non-profit media enterprise owned and operated by the nation's 347 public television stations. 

Teacher's Video Company
Offers selection of educational videos on popular curriculum topics.

The Video Project
The Video Project distributes high-quality environmental videos about the fate of our planet. 

WGBH Productions
WGBH productions are seen and heard on stations across the country and creates nearly a third of PBS's prime-time TV and online lineups.

Women Make Movies
Women Make Movies, the largest distributor of women's media in North America, is a national non-profit feminist media arts organization whose multicultural programs provide resources for both users and producers of media by women. 


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