The Sacramento City College Literary Journal

Dear Patron of the Arts:

Since 1916, Sacramento City College has served the urban and surrounding areas of California's capital and established a tradition of teaching its student to strive for excellence. Each spring the student of Sacramento City College produce an annual literary journal, Susurrus, a 150-page book of excellent student writing, art and photography. We continue that tradition this year as we publish in May 1999 the fifth edition of Susurrus, the Sacramento City College Literary Journal. Susurrus means a light rustling or whispering sound. We like to think our small literary effort produces such a modest sound in the literary world, both on and off campus.

For each of the last four years, the Susurrus staff has raised $6,000 to produce and print the journal. While the college has provided staff and production facilities to offer the literary journal as part of its English Department curriculum, it has no financial resources to produce Susurrus. It is not supported by state or college funds. Our challenge, therefore, is to again raise the money to print and publish Susurrus in the spring of 1999.

Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will be most welcome as the students of English 17, the Sacramento City College Literary Journal, work to create another fine collection of student literature and art.

In appreciation of your generosity, contributors' names will be listed in the front of the journal. Those who donate $50 or more will receive a free copy of the journal. All contributors will be invited as our guests to our annual community reading in the spring and will be notified of the date, time, and place.

Please fill out the attached form and make your check payable to Susurrus or the Sacramento City College Literary Journal. You may give the completed form and your check to one of our staff members our mail to:

Tom Miner or Jan Haag, Advisors
Language and Literature Division
Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95822

Please call Advisors Tom Miner at (916) 558-2127 or Jan Haag (916) 558-2696 for further information. Thank you for your support.

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