by Shideler Harpe

         Idly curious, he picked up the envelope. It was addressed to his wife. It had been slit open, and a snapshot fell out, landing face up on the table. It showed his wife with a man he didnít know. They were hugging and smiling. She was showing a lot of leg, wearing the short, plaid skirt that he liked so much. Her clothing and hairstyle told him it was a recent photo.
         For a few seconds, he actually did not understand. Then comprehension struck him a terrible, crippling blow to the chest. He felt sick. Nausea churned in his guts.
         He sagged into a chair and sat numbly for a few long minutes. Then he went into the kitchen, selected the biggest knife he could find, and, with leaden steps, began climbing the stairway to their bedroom.

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