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Can you define these words?

Click in the white box, type your definition, and then click the "Answer" button.

1. AFFILIATE in "Many people are independent voters. They don't affiliate with any party."

2. DEVIATE in "Please don't deviate from your plan; to change course now would not be beneficial."

3. GENIAL in "People who are genial are the most fun to be around."

4. NICHE in "Robert's niche in the big company was to repair the super-computer."

5. TERMINATE in "The contract was terminated by both parties when they decided they could not work together."


How did you do? If you missed a lot, try the words taught in English 200A. If you missed a few you might benefit from English 200B. If you got them all correct, try the words taught in English 71 or 74.

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