SCC ESL Center

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What is the ESL Center?

The Sacramento City College ESL Center is a multimedia language laboratory for students enrolled in ESL Center Classes. The ESL Center offers six corequisite classes to support ESL reading and listening and speaking classes and two independent lab classes for students who want to work on other skills, such as writing or grammar. Students may also take independent lab classes for reading or listening and speaking if they do not need corequisite lab classes for those skills.

How can the ESL Center help?

SCC's ESL instructors have carefully selected a variety of learning materials, including software, video tapes, audio tapes, DVDs, audio CDs, and books, to help students practice and improve their English skills. The ESL Center staff, consisting of ESL instructors, tutors, and an instructional assistant, are available in the Center to help students choose activities, to answer questions, to provide feedback on practice writing exercises, and to give students a chance to practice conversation skills.

Who can use the ESL Center?

Students enrolled in ESL Center classes may use the ESL Center. Students who enroll in ESL Center classes include:

  • Students who need to take corequisite lab classes for their ESLL or ESLR classes
  • Students who want help with their ESL writing or grammar classes
  • Students who want help with their English classes

Students who are not taking any other ESL or English classes may enroll in independent ESL Center classes as long as they are eligible for them; however, we recommend that students take lab classes to support other classes, not to substitute for other classes.

Where is the ESL Center?

We're on the third floor of Rodda South in RS 328.

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