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What do I need to see the English site correctly?

To make this page as functional as possible, I use emerging technologies such as Stylesheets and JavaScript in the site design. You don't need any special computer hardware to view this page, anything that can get you on the Web will do; but you do need recent versions of the two browsers currently in use, Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator with the Stylesheet and JavaScript functions turned on. I show you how to do this below. The two most common problems are detailed here, and then I will explain how to download the new browsers; (both are completely free on the Web). The only other concern is screen resolution; the page will work fine at any resolution, but is designed to look best at 800 x 600, the current Web standard. Here is a page telling you how to set screen resolution.

What if the site looks terrible, with all the links and images pressed up against the left side?

If you have a 4.0 or later version of Netscape or Explorer, this problem can only be caused by the Stylesheet function being switched off in your browser. It shouldn't be this way (much of the Web now uses Stylesheets) but it does happen. Here is how to switch on your Stylesheet function. It's very easy to do. Note that in the same place you can turn on Stylesheets, you can also enable JavaScript and Frames functions. Make sure all three are enabled in your browser. If your browser version number is less than 4.0, you may need to upgrade.

What if the links to the right side of the Shakespeare image, the links to Susurrus, the Division Home, etc., don't work at all?

This is a very troubling problem. If your cursor (that little arrow that moves around on your screen when you move your mouse) doesn't turn into a hand with a pointing finger when it passes over the links, if you click and nothing at all happens on the right side of Shakespeare, you are probably   1) using Internet Explorer and not Netscape Communicator, and   2) you have a version of Explorer that is not current, something less than the 5.0 release.

The solution is simple: close Explorer and launch Netscape if you have it, or download the latest version of Internet Explorer.

So how do I download the latest versions of Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Communicator?

Very easily. All that is required is to log on to either The Netscape Communicator Home Site or The Internet Explorer Home Site and click on the dowload button. Both companies make downloading their newest browsers very easy. Of course, both are completely and totally FREE!

What if I still have a problem or question?

If you're still confused, or if you have any comments about the site, please contact the Division Webmaster. My name is Troy Myers; I teach in the English Department, and my email is myerst@scc.losrios.edu. You can also call my office at 916.429.1319 and leave a message if I'm not in. Happy surfing!

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