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The SCC Art curriculum offers a wide range of courses to the students. Course offerings include drawing and design, printmaking, painting, three dimensional design, ceramics, and a full range of art history lecture courses. This fascinating and broad range of courses is offered over a two year span and provides an in depth learning opportunity, as well as opportunities for a wide range of creative experiences from painting to metals design .

Transfer: Students who plan to transfer to four year colleges or universities should consult the "Requirements of Transfer Institutions" section of the Sacramento City College catalog and the art or related major sections of the specific catalog for the school to which they plan to transfer to determine entrance, general education, major and graduation requirements. Consultation with a Sacramento City College counselor is urged.

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Recommended Program for Major

ART 300 & 302 (was 11A & B)

Elementary Drawing and Composition

ART 320 (was Art 14) Design Fundamentals 3
ART 370 (was Art 16) Three-Dimensional Design 3
  Art Theory or History (Choose one)
ARTH 300 (was Art 10) Intro to Art 3
ARTH 304 (was Art 1) Ancient Art 3
ARTH 306 (was Art 2) Medieval Art 3
ARTH 308 (was Art 4) Renaissance Tradition in Art 3
ARTH 312 (was Art 35) Women in Art 3
ARTH 324 (was Art 6) Art of the Americas 3
ARTH 328 (was Art 7) Survey of African Art 3
ARTH 330 (was Art 8) Survey of African-AAmerican Art 3
ARTH 332 (was Art 9) Asian Art 3
ARTH 320 (was Art 45) Cultural Survey of World Art 3
  Suggested Electives (other art courses):
ART 304 (was Art 12A) Figure Drawing and Composition 3
ART 307 (was Art 13) Rendering 3
ART 310 (was Art 31) Pen and Ink Drawing 3
ART 312 (was Art 36) Portrait Drawing 3
ART 322 (was Art 15A) Design: Image and Content 3
ART 325 & 326 (was Art 30A & B) Commercial Art 3
ART 332 (was Art 18) Oil Painting 3
ART 334 (wasArt 19) Acrylic Painting 3
ART 336 (was Art 20A) Watercolor 6
ART 368 (was Art 23) Printmaking: Etching and Relief 6
ART 369 (was Art 24) Printmaking: Lithography and Silkscreen 3
ART 370 (was Art 16) Three Dimensional Design 6
ART 372 (was Art 21) Sculpture 3
ART 380 & 381(was Art 27A & B) Techniques in Metal Design 3
ART 390 & 391(was Art 25A & B) Ceramics 3
ART 394 (was Art 37) Wheel Thrown Ceramics 3
ART 400 (was Art 43) Clay Sculpture 3
ART 421 (was Art 29A) Film-Making 1-3
ART 440 (was Art 32) Artists' Materials and Techniques 3
ART 443 & 445(was Art 33A & B) Art Gallery Operations 1-3

Associate in Arts (A.A) Degree
The A.A. degree may be obtained by completion of a minimum of 18 units in art courses, plus General Education requirements and sufficient electives to meet a 60 unit total.

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