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Mathematics and Statistics Instructor  at  Sacramento City College (SCC)   

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Spring 2014 classes

Math 104 syllabus

MWF Stat 300 syllabus writing projecttextbook answers

TuTh Stat 300 syllabus writing projecttextbook answers

Stat 300 review questions T2 ; Q3 ; T3 ; Q4 ; T4 ; fe ;

Stat 300 review answers T2 ; Q3 ; T3 ; Q4 ; T4 ; fe ;

Stats 300 Instructions for the TI-82 TI-83/84
   [also try phone apps]
TI-85 TI-86

Math Humor

Old syllabi

Conference Handout: GS Cookie Distributions (by Mark H.)

Conference Handout: Misleading Graphs (by Mark H.)

Conference Handout: Pythagorean Triples (by Mark H.)

Conference Handout: Finding And Using Data (by Mark H. & Gene S.)

Stat 300 errata for "A First Course in Statistics" (no longer on

Recommended outside sites:  (free help with math & stats)  (American Statistical Association)  (Mathematical Association of America) (Land Surveyor carreer info.) (sine & circle applet)  (rref matrix solver)  (fractal curve applet) (applet for all conics) (Mean Value Thm. applet) (binomial walk applet)