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The SCC Geography Department offers a broad spectrum of courses with emphasis in physical, human and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our primary courses are introductory Physical Geography, Physical Geography Laboratory and Cultural Geography.  These courses offer an excellent introduction to the discipline and are transferable to most four year institutions.  In addition, we offer three GIS courses that examine the theoretical and desktop applications of this emerging discipline.  We also offer courses in World Regional Geography and Field Studies.  For more information about these courses please consult the SCC Course Catalog and SCC Schedule of Classes.

Frequently asked questions:
What do Geographers students study?
Geographers look at the world through a spatial perspective. We ask questions like, what is where, and why is that there? There are a variety of areas within the discipline and many tools are used to examine the world we live in.   A major tools that geographers use in answering such questions are various types of maps which illustrate a variety of spatial phenomena at different scales. This process allows us to focus in on a small area, and show it in great detail, or to see how that small area is part of a bigger picture.

What's important about geography, and what can I learn from studying the subject?
Students of geography can better appreciate how the world works by learning to develop an eye for spatial connections, and cause and effect relationships. By learning how to see and study phenomena spatially we can begin to comprehend how a multitude of Earth's systems work. For example, students may study how a certain vegetation association is related to the climate and soils of an area, and how this pattern is reflected in the way people use the land and support themselves in the region. In some places it is apparent that these systems are in balance, in others it is obvious that there are problems which are also a focus of geographic inquiry.

What can I do with a geography degree? What kind of Jobs besides teaching are there for geographers?
Geographers specialize in a variety of jobs in a number of job sectors.  Geographers work for various governmental agencies that range from local municipalities and water resource management agencies to the United Nations and CA Fish and Game. Geographers also work for private companies that examine a variety of locational, economic, and environmental questions.  Geographers are a potential hire for any organization that utilizes spatial data or is involved in various planning activities.  Today, the biggest demand for geographers is in GIS and other areas that utilize technological advancements to learn more about the world we inhabit.  The opportunities in this sector promise to increase as Geospatial Technologies become more and more prevalent.  For more information please consult the following links.
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