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SCC Information Competency Task Force

Charge from Academic Senate and Curriculum Committee:

To explore the implementation of the State Academic Senate's mandate to institute an information competency graduation requirement.

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Task Force Resolution

The Information Competency Task Force is directed to explore the establishment and implementation of an Information Competency graduation requirement by the Fall of 2009.  A variety of different options, i.e. stand alone courses, content infused into existing courses, and/or a challenge test, should be provided for students to meet that requirement.  Pilots for those options should start in Spring 2006.

Task Force Members

Rhonda Rios Kravitz  -- LR Dean

Rick Ida -- Associate Vice President

Donald Palm -- Davis Outreach Center

Jane Woo -- Counseling/Articulation

Richard Yang -- Counseling & Student Success

Karen Kunimura -- P.E., Health & Athletics

Sandra Warmington Library ( Co-Chair )

Stephanie McDonald Library ( Recorder )

Sue Chen Library ( Chair )

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