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W hat are the Librarians Doing?

I n addition to LIBR 318 (Library Research and Information Literacy), which is a one unit course designed to teach the whole set of information competency skills, the librarians offer two types of library orientations that target the diverse needs and busy schedules of SCC faculty and students:

   1.  Customized orientations that are tailored to your pre-determined assignment or course objective. You choose the topic and the date of the orientation. Instructors attend these hands-on sessions with their classes during the regular class meeting time. The orientations cover either searching for books and magazine articles using the online Research Databases or searching the Internet. They are normally held in the LR220 classroom.

Please click the "Faculty Services" link on the library web page http://www.scc.losrios.edu/~library/ to schedule a customized orientation for your class or phone Stephanie McDonald (x2014).

   2.  The Drop-in Workshop Series is offered throughout the semester, including evenings and Saturdays. Students can sign up in advance to attend a 50-minute session on their own time. They receive a "Proof of Attendance" slip after successfully completing the class and a worksheet that reinforces the lesson. These sessions are typically held in the LR220 classroom and come in 3 sections. Students are encouraged to take all 3 during the course of the semester.

The new Drop-in series schedule is posted on the library web page at the start of the semester : http://wserver.scc.losrios.edu/~library/DropInSchedule/dropinschedule.htm

We look forward to seeing you and your students this semester!

Questions??? phone Stephanie McDonald, x2014, mcdonas@scc.losrios.edu

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