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Year of the Pig - A Picture
Check the Time

The following two are Wav files, you'll need sound capabilities for these to work:
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Sometimes I ride my HOG to school and park between the Business Building and the Library. Come take a look.
1999 FXDWG in Sinister Blue and Diamond Ice, Custome-Made for Greg Burbage of Sacramento, CA
My 1999 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

You have 12 golf balls numbered 1 to 12, with all balls looking alike in every way except 1 ball is slightly heavier or lighter than the others. You also have one balance scale (looks like a teater-totter). You can only use the scale three times, identify which ball is different and whether it is heavier or lighter.
If all Ferpies are Worgs and no Worgs are Sprikles, then no Sprikles are definitely Ferpies.
a. True
b. False
c. Neither
Three enemy messages were intercepted. The code was broken and it was found that "Berok tenlis krux" means "Secret Attack on Wednesday" and Baroom zax Tenlis" mean "Secret plans included" and "Gradnor berok plil elan" means "Wednesday victory is ours." What does "krux" mean?
a. Secret
b. Wednesday
c. Nothing
d. Attack
e. Plans
See Professor Burbage for answers
Jim, John, Jerry and Joe together bought a basket of 144 apples. Jim received 10 more apples than John, 26 more than Jerry, and 32 more than Joe. How many apples did Jim receive?
Which of the five is least like the other four and why?
a. Turkey
b. Duck
c. Chicken
d. Pheasant
e. Goose
If you rearrange the letters in "TALCATIN" you would have the name of a:
a. Country
b. Ocean
c. State
d. City
e. Animal
Two more Wav files:
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I'll be adding some fun and interesting stuff to this page as time permits, so come back later. In order to make this page fun for you and your fellow students, please provide me with suggestions for things to add to this page. Brain-teasers, jokes, other web links, anything and everything you suggest will be seriously considered. Thanks!

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