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Professor Burbage's Managerial Accounting

             Spring Semester 2007

You can't snooze in this class because there is a lot to do. That's why I have typed-up my own Lecture Notes © to keep you on track, showing you EXACTLY what you need to learn, chapter by chapter. Print them now so you'll have them later when needed.
Don't try this class without these notes - it would be way too dangerous!

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Picture of Required textbook: Managerial Accounting by Garrison, 12th edtion, published by Irwin/McGraw-Hill
Additional Study Aids:
. Course textbook check figures, on-line quizzes and other study aids go to Garrison Web Site   and click on "Student Edition".
. Another textbook's study aids, concept summaries, quizzes and more go to McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center   and click on "Student Center".

Required Textbook & Materials:
. From SCC Bookstore: Shrink-wrapped package including 3-ring binder-ready textbook, Topic Tackler CD-ROM & Homework Manager access code   - ISBN: 9780078145391:   New $121.70;    Used $91.30 but possibly incomplete & without Homework Manager access code

Purchase Information for Individual Items:
. Homework Manager User Guide & Access Code from McGraw-Hill click here   then click on "I do not have a registration code".
   - Without access to the online textbook - $20.00
   - Including access to the online textbook - $65.00
. Textbook only (hard copy) - ISBN: 9780073526706    Publisher's List Price $176.45
. Student Study Guide - ISBN: 9780073203027    Publisher's List Price $63.90
. Topic Tackler CD-ROM - Free with textbook or click here   for online access chapter-by-chapter

Search for books and Compare prices for new and used books at      student
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