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Professor Burbage's Financial Accounting

                Fall Semester 2009

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."
This class will help prepare you for the employment and financial opportunities that will come your way!

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accounting principles and concepts.
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Picture of Required textbook: Financial Accounting 
by Kimmel, 5th edtion, published by Wiley

Additional Study Aids:
. . Chapter power point presentations, on-line quizzes and other study aids go to Kimmel's Student Companion Web Site.

Required Textbook & Materials:
. . From SCC Bookstore: Shrink-wrapped package including 3-ring binder-ready textbook and Wiley Plus online homework
    access code - ISBN: 9780470502273     New $106.70;     Used: $80.05 but possibly incomplete & without access code.

Purchase Information for Individual Items direct from Wiley Publishing:
. . Textbook only (hard copy) - ISBN: 9780470239803 - $186.95 click here
. . Wiley Plus registration code and online copy of textbook - $74.95 click here

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