Sacramento City College Biology Department


Welcome to the world of the Biological Sciences

The Biology Department is an interdisciplinary department with fifteen full-time faculty specializing in fields including Botany, Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Zoology, Natural History and Ecology, Environmental Biology, and Conservation Biology.  

Sacramento City College was one of the first higher education institutions in Northern California - having been founded in 1916 as a Department of Sacramento High School. SCC is the seventh oldest public community college in California and the oldest institution of higher learning in Sacramento.

The high standard for academic excellence set in the 1930's by Dr. Howard Day and Dr. Herbert Copeland continues to this day. Many graduates of the Biology Department have distinguished themselves as exemplified by George Kambara M.D. and May Kambara, R.N. Both George and May graduated from SCC during the 1930's and led distinguished careers in the medical profession. They remain as valuable contributors to student success at SCC via their generous scholarship donations.

Today, the Department prides itself on it's combination of academic excellence and dedication to classroom teaching, resulting in high faculty accessibility to students. Our faculty continue to be active within the discipline through multiple activities within the public and private sector. 

Our offerings range from the more traditional courses such as Microbiology,  Cell and Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Natural History to innovative courses such as Ethnobotany, Restoration Ecology, Natural History Field Studies, Dinosaurs and the Science of Life, Marine Ecology, Insects, Oaks, Infectious Diseases, and Ornithology.  We are also very proud of our Natural History Field Study Courses to the Mojave Desert, eastern Sierra Nevada, and to Baja California (Mexico).

Department Office:

Lillard Hall 107

3835 Freeport Boulevard

Sacramento, CA  95822

(916) 558-2026