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Brown Booby/Magnificent Frigate Bird-Belize

Butte Lake-Lassen NP

South Water Caye - Belize

Grizzly Giant - Yosemite NP

California Leaf-Nosed Bat - Baja California

   Crested Tern - Rangiroa, French Polynesia


Alexis Ackerman, Ph.D.                            L-106             558-2387

Zoology, Natural History, Ornithology         (on leave Fall 2008 & Spring 2009)

Palwasha Arya, Ph.D.                               L-108c           558-2470

Anatomy and Physiology                      

Karen Carberry-Goh, Ph.D.                       L108d            558-2656

Microbiology, New Plagues

Paul DeGennaro, M.S.                               L-106           650-2963

Anatomy and Physiology

Andrea Greenwell, M.S. Co-Chair              L--108b        558-2208

Anatomy and Physiology

Gina Holland, Ph.D.                                   L-106           558-2389

Microbiology, Contemporary Biology

Steve James, M.S.                                      L-108a        650-2776

Natural History, Environmental Biology, Marine Ecology, Environmental Regulations, Natural History Field Studies, Field Methods

Denise Johnson, M.S.                                   L-106        650-2707

Anatomy and Physiology                             (on leave Fall 2008)

Troy Kjos, M.D.                                            L-106        650-2963

Anatomy and Physiology

Virginia Meyer, M.S.                                   L-108c       558-2115

Botany, Field Botany, Microbiology, New Plagues, Natural History   Field Studies, Field Methods

Kenneth Naganuma, Ph.D.                           L-108d      558-2270

Zoology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Dinosaurs

Josh Pittenger, Ph.D.                                    L-108b    558-2387

Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology

Robin Roffey, Ph.D.                                      L-108b     558-2373

Cell and Molecular Biology, Botany, Contemporary Biology

Jaime Sarte, M.S.                                         L-108b  650-2963                                             

Anatomy and Physiology                                    (on leave Fall 2008)

Lisa Serafini, M.S.                                         L-108c     558-2388

Cell and Molecular Biology, Botany, Field Botany, Ethnobotany, Natural History Field Studies

Alysia Thomas, Ph.D.                                     L-108b     650-2716

Anatomy and Physiology

Erica Wagner, Ph.D.                                      L-106      650-2707

Contemporary Biology, Anatomy and Physiology 

David Wyatt, M.S., Co-Chair                          L-108a    558-2406

Natural History, Environmental Biology, Restoration Ecology,          Natural History of Insects, Environmental Regulations, Field Methods, Natural History Field Studies


Martha Goff, Science Office Clerk                    L-107    558-2026

Carmen Hirkala, Lab Technician                       L-111    558-2524

Le Tien, Lab Technician                                    L-111    558-2524

Valerie Yamamoto                                           L-111  558-2524