SCC Biology Adjunct Faculty

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The Biology Department at Sacramento

City College provides a wide variety of courses to biology majors, non-majors, and students in the health care fields.   We augment our full time faculty with professionals from the community having
a wide range of expertise in the biological sciences.  Our part-time faculty are working professionals in research, healthcare, biological consultant, and regulatory industries.  They also have a wealth of experience teaching at a variety of colleges and universities throughout                     Northern California.  We are very proud of our on-going relationships with our adjunct faculty members.  We strive to cultivate excellence in teaching through intern teaching programs.  Many of our full time faculty began their SCC careers as adjunct faculty. 


Mud Stomp - Bodega Bay

Big-Leaf Maple

Red-tailed Hawk

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Baja California

Sea Dragon