Nancy Garr
Physical Anthropology
Sacramento City College

    Syllabus Fall 2014 (pdf)

    Schedule Fall 2014 (pdf) 

Refer to the course schedule, then select the appropriate chapter below to get a lecture outline, vocabulary list, study guides, handouts. additional information on topics covered, required assignments,  etc. 

        Chapter 1: Introduction to Anthropology

        Chapter 2: Darwin and Natural Selection

        Chapter 3: Biological Basis for Life and Genetic Variation

        Chapter 4: Mendelian Genetics and Heredity

        Chapter 12: Human Variation and Adaptation (Microevolution of Homo sapiens)

        Chapter 5: Macroevolution and Macroevolutionary History

        Chapter 6:  Living Primates

        Chapter 7: Primate Behavior

        Chapter 8: Hominin Origins

        Chapter 9: Homo erectus

        Chapter 10 & 11 (Premodern Humans and Homo sapiens)