Steps of the Scientific Method

1. Make Observations
a. Identify variables

b. Think about a cause and effect relationship between variables.

2. Form hypothesis

a. a hypothesis is a tentative or provisional explanation of observations

b.  It must be a testable, falsifiable statement

3. Test hypothesis  / Collect data

a. Identify test predictions (specific things that must be true if the hypothesis is not false.)

b. Set up experiment testing predictions which will result in new observations (data)

c. Collect data from experiment

4. Use data to evaluate hypothesis

a.  If the data do not support the hypothesis the hypothesis is rejected as false.

b. If the data support the hypothesis the hypothesis may be accepted as not false.

5. Revise hypothesis if necessary

6. Publication and replication

a. Hypotheses re-evaluated by new researchers.

b. Hypotheses are re-evaluated repeatedly as new data become available