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Upon graduating from Sacramento City College’s AT-CTI program, you must apply to the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City in order to further your career as an Air Traffic Controller. Here is a summary of that process:

Applicants from an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program (AT-CTI) should search for vacancy announcements for “Air Traffic Control Specialist Trainee”. This is the only kind of Air Traffic Controller position to which you can apply. Some announcements will indicate that only AT-CTI graduates may apply. You will apply online for those announcements. It is important to periodically check the website for vacancies.

Training at the FAA Academy:
Air Traffic Control recruits must complete various phases of training at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to help them become full-fledged air traffic controllers. Depending on the specific class, the length of the training can last from several weeks to several months. Students must pass the required training courses at the Academy to advance further in their air traffic controller career.

In addition to salary, Academy students are reimbursed for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses at a rate of $79.20 per day. The FAA also pays for the cost of travel to and from Oklahoma City based on the student’s official address.

Facility Training for Developmental Air Traffic Controllers:
Students who pass the Academy training program are assigned to air traffic control facilities where their training continues in an operational environment. Training is conducted in stages and consists of a combination of classroom, simulation, and on-the-job training that leads to being a fully certified air traffic controller.

Academy training consists of option-specific (terminal or en route) initial training. Students must successfully complete all required training at the FAA Academy to continue employment with the FAA.

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