checkbox Provide a link to skip over repetitive navigation links.

This guideline is meant to benefit blind and low vision individuals who use screen readers.

Sited Web users can just ignore repetitive navigation links as they surf from page to page, but a blind user is subject to listening to that navigation each time they visit a page in the site.

For this reason, we provide these users a way to skip navigation or other repetitive navigation links.

An easy way to do this is to place an invisible 1 x 1 pixel image before the repetitive links/navigation. This little image should hyperlink to an anchor, or placeholder, immediately before the main content.

In the image below, the small red square represents where the invisible 1 x 1 pixel image should be located. This image allows the blind user to quickly hyperlink to the main content, with out having to listen to the navigation. The alt tag for the image should say "Skip navigation and go to main content."

SO, when the screen reader reads the alt tag "Skip navigation and go to main content" outloud, the blind user simply hits their enter key and the screen reader will immediatly jump to the web pages main content.

screen shot demonstrating skip link image that allows screen readers users to skip navigation or other repetitive links

Sample Code (image & relative link):

<a href="#MainContent">

<img src="../small.gif" alt="Skip navigation and go to main content">


Sample Code (main content place holder):

<a name="MainContent"></a>

checkbox Use clear and consistent navigation throughout your site.

Keeping your navigation in a consistent location is very important to people with and with out disabilities. All users appreciate and benefit from navigation consistency. For example: If your navigation is on the right side, keep it on the right side throughout your site.

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