checkbox If you use frames, be sure to choose a descriptive label for each frame (HTML)

A frameset is a Web page which defines a collection of at least two other separate Web pages, which are combined in the same visual space. Visually, a frameset usually appears to be one page.

It is important that frames are labeled so that blind individuals who use screen readers can easily assess what content is in each frame.

Let's take a frameset with two frames, one containing navigation and one with the main content:

frame screen shot: navigation menu on top and main content on bottom

Sample Code:

<FRAME src="menu.html" title="Navigation menu" name="menu">
<FRAME src="content.html" title="Main content" name="content">

Simply use the title attribute in the frame tag to properly name the frames. When a screen readers encounters the frames, it will read the title to the blind user.

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