checkbox Use client side image maps, not server side image maps.
checkbox Image map regions must have alternate text.

Client side image map: FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive and most mainstream Web site programs create client side image maps. In the past, client side image maps did not have as many capabilities as server side image maps. For example, previously client side image maps could not always create complex shapes, only limited squares and circles. Now, through Web page creation programs such as those mentioned above, virtually any shape is possible.

Server side image map: These type of image maps are complex and require hand written or borrowed scripting. They are more difficult to create and pose very few benefits. For the average user there is no reason to use a server side image map. In addition, these types of image maps are currently inaccessible for screen readers.

Image map region alternate text: This is exactly the same as a regular image or photo alternate text. Except in this case it labels the portion of the image map that you have selected instead of the entire image.

Each of these portions should have alt tags.

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