checkbox Websites that use CSS must still be understandable when the Style Sheet is turned off.

If you use style sheets with your Web site, you know that they are used for color, indentation and other presentation effects.

Style sheets are great--don't stop using them! Just make sure that your Web site makes sense if you turn them off.

The directions on how to "turn off" style sheets in your browser vary from Internet Explorer to Netscape and PC to Macintosh, but you will typically look under "Accessibility" or "Internet Options" in your browser menu.

Another option is using Opera, a free web browser, to view your pages with the CSS turned off. After downloading and installing Opera, simply click on View > Style> User Mode.

You can also download the free AIS Web Accessibility Tool bar to easily turn off your style sheets and see how your page lays out with out CSS. This is a great tool!


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