checkbox If you have video clips, be sure they are captioned.

Captioning will not only assist the hearing impaired, but also "visual learners" and individuals with learning disabilities.

A free tool is available to help you caption your Web videos. It is called Media Access Generator (MAGpie).

The MAGpie Web site has detailed instructions on how to download and use this tool. If you would like additional help using MAGpie, request an instructional CD.

checkbox If you have audio files, be sure they are accompanied by text transcriptions.

Again, transcripts will help the hearing impaired. Keep in mind that they will also benefit visual learners, people with learning disabilities, people for whom English is a second language. Great example of web accessibility being an "electronic curb cut."

To provide a transcript, create a separate Web page with the text transcription. Create a link to the transcript next to the the audio file.

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