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Web Accessibility Tutorial

Free Tools

Need Help Checking Your Pages?

There are a variety of free tools that have been designed to help check the accessibility of Web pages. Please take a look at all of them and decide for yourself which one(s) you like best! For example, you may like using the Web Accessibility toolbar for a quick check and an online tool for more detailed information like I do!

WAVE 3.0

WebAIM has of course created a free online checker tool and it is called Wave 3.0. I like some of the other checkers better, but give it a try. Also be sure to check out the Wave Toolbar. It is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape!

Web Accessibility Toolbar by AIS (highly recommended)

Vision Australia Unlimited's Accessible Information Solutions (AIS) team has also developed a FREE Web Accessibility Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer. This tool is very easy to install and use!

Web Accessibility Toolbar screen shot


WebXACT by Watchfire used to be called Bobby, a web accessibility checker tool "standard." It has changed quite a bit since it was called Bobby, and for the better! Definitely give it a try!

Cynthia Says

Cynthia Says was created by HiSoftware and is a good tool if you like your analysis laid out in a table format.

Assignment: Give one of the above web accessibility checkers a try! Select U.S. Section 508 Guidelines if given the choice of which accessibility guidelines to use.

Check the following sites:

  1. Los Rios Community College District:
  3. Your Web site or a Web site you visit frequently

How accessible are these Web sites? Are you surprised at the results?

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Updated 07/06/2006
Sacramento City College