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Web Accessibility Tutorial


What Is "Web Accessibility"?

Making a Web page "accessible" means that steps have been taken to ensure that it is usable by people with disabilities. Universal access to the Web means that all people, regardless of their physical or developmental abilities or impairments, have access to Web-based information and services. Making Web pages accessible is accomplished by designing pages that allow the effective use of assistive technologies to access their content.

Assignment: Read this quick article: WebAIM's Intro to Web Accessibility

Why Is Web Accessibility Important at SCC?

Making SCC Web pages universally accessible ensures that college services, information, and course materials are available to ALL students.

Additionally, it has been found that Web pages designed to be more accessible to people with disabilities, create an "electronic curb cut" effect. This means that designing products for accessibility benefits everyone. For instance, sidewalks with curb cuts are simply better sidewalks. Universal accessibility to the Web, or "electronic curb-cuts" can benefit everyone.

Optional Reading:

WebAIM (Accessibility In Mind)
This is a wonderful site on Web Accessibility. Explore any articles of interest to you.

Accessible Education Through Assistive Technology
Many people with disabilities who surf the Web use some type of assistive technology to help them do so. For example, a blind person may use a screen-reader to read Web content out loud. This article is an interesting look at the use of assistive technology in higher education.

Web Accessibility Video
Fresno State has created a wonderful 10 minute video called Web Accessibility For All that is available to check out in the Learning Resource Center (10 minutes long).

Ask for video #: NEW 2002 981. You may also take a look at video clips on the Web.

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Updated 3/28/06
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