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High School Students

Sacramento City College encourages 11th and 12th grade students (and other high school students under special conditions) to enroll for advanced educational enrichment with the approval of their principal/counselor and parent/guardian. High school students may take up to 6 units or two classes and grades are posted on official college transcripts. California residents are exempt from enrollment fees, but not from books/material costs. Fees for non-residents still apply.

High school students enrolled in Advanced Education classes earn college credit and get a jumpstart on classes that may apply toward a certificate or degree at Sacramento City College and/or transfer to a four-year college or university. Directions on how to enroll are posted at

First-time College Students

You are a first-time student if you have never attended college before, even though you may have taken college classes while in high school. All first-time students should follow these steps:

Step 1 - Admission: Complete an online application for admission at [Rodda North 159 - (916) 558-2351]

Step 2 - Assessment: Take the English, reading, and math assessment; then, a counselor uses your profile and assessment results, along with other criteria to help you select appropriate classes. [Student Services Building Room 121 - (916) 558-2540]

Step 3 - Orientation: As a first-time college student you will be given information on a variety of academic programs, policies and procedures. A tour of the campus will be provided where you will learn more about our support services. You will also receive assistance in selecting and scheduling classes. Orientation is also offered online at [Rodda North 138 - (916) 558-2147]

Step 4 - Counseling/Advising: You will receive advice in selecting courses and information regarding transfer, certificate or degree programs, major options and career planning. [Rodda North 147 - (916) 558-2204]

Step 5 - Registration: If you take advantage of steps one through four, you will be able to enroll during Priority 1 enrollment. You may register through Telephone Enrollment Services at (916) 286-4400 for local and out-of-state calls or (800) 700-4144 for long-distance within California. Or, you may choose to register online at Are you reading this too late for Priority 1 registration? You may still register during Priority 2, open, or late enrollment.

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Facts You Should Know:

Fact #1
Nearly 60% of CSU students and 32% of UC students who earn a bachelor's degree began their higher education at a California community college. Community college transfer students get first priority when applying to a UC campus.

Fact #2
"The community colleges are a wonderful place for many students to begin a UC career."

UC President Richard C. Atkinson The Davis Enterprise

Fact #3
UC research shows that transfer students perform as well or better than students who entered universities as freshmen and graduate at higher rates.